​​​​​Materials & Resources for Social Emotional and Life Skills Development




5 Important questions about

the short and long-term effectiveness of your SEL program:

If you answered YES to all 5 questions: great.  CARRY ON !!!   

If you answered NO to even one of the 5 questions,

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and see what you're missing:

1.  Do the SEL lessons you share with your students create deep learning experiences, as validated by current brain science of learning?

2.  Are you making the best use of students’ natural inclination to collaboratively solve problems and increase their sense of healthy belonging?

3.  Do your SEL lessons evoke your students' innate empathy, insight, truthfulness, and creative problem solving skills?  (Or are you attempting to teach those attributes?)

4.  Do your students remember and use, without further reminders, the specific lessons within your SEL program?

5.  Are you learning more about your students with each SEL lesson, and becoming closer to them as a result?