"When we begin to value who children are (not just what we want them to be), a shift happens in the way we think about learning and teaching.

   "Our jobs become more engaging and fulfilling, and we begin to envision a larger purpose for our profession.”  

~ Deb Curtis

​​​​​Materials and Resources for Social-Emotional & Cognitive Skills Development




• Because  

the world needs responsible, self-motivated, creative

and collaborative problem solvers.


• Because  teachers, parents, after school staff, and childcare providers shouldn't have to struggle to help kids get along. 

? ! ?

the Kids' Own Wisdom® approach is NOT ...



√ Memorized responses  

√ Puppets

√ Songs 

√ Time-outs' 


Because  even though lectures, memorized responses, games, puppets, songs and 'time-outs' have their place in educating kids to make the kinds of choices that will improve their lives ... a different approach is required for true 'ownership' of the social skills they need. 


 "Never forget, children are our elders in universe time. They have come into a more complete, more evolved universe than you will  ever understand,

except through their eyes."

~ Buckminster Fuller 

• Because  kids want and need to think things through for a variety of reasons: 

•• The world will never stop challenging their thinking and analyzing abilities, and so they must continually exercise, sharpen and gain confidence in their own thinking and analyzing abilities.

••  Kids need to directly experience, in ways that are most relevant to their own lives, that they're capable of thinking for themselves, arriving at the kinds of conclusions that match up with their conscience and their informed understanding - and also that their conclusions are in alignment with their peers' truest understanding.


The more accountability we give to children,

the more they rise to the occasion.

Why else would they???

the Kids' Own Wisdom® approach is so important ...

• Because   when kids discover how much they have in common with their peers about feelings and instinctive responses, their behavioral adjustments are automatic ... no lectures required.

Wait ... you think

the same as I do about sharing, and

what hurts your feelings, and trying new things, and playing alone, ​and

getting embarrassed, and ...

• Because  long-term success requires that people gain direct experience - starting early in life - with honestly and objectively analyzing situations for outcomes that work for everyone. Everyone including themselves, rather than just themselves.

• Because  kids are smart. They know and understand much more than they sometimes act like they know ... and getting them to "own & live" what they know is relatively simple when they receive consistent opportunities to share their understanding and express what they know - in their own words.


Reduces behavior problems (bullying, selfish tendencies, inconsideration). Increases self-motivated behavior improvements (empathy, fairness, responsibility).

Enhances sense of belonging and community.  Diminishes sense of isolation.

BENEFITS reported by teachers who use Kids' Own Wisdom at least twice every week.

Regular opportunities to draw upon their own innate capabilities and hard-wired instincts, within peer-group discussions, strongly supports the development of children's:

  1. Identification and anchoring of personal values
  2. Language skills
  3. Socialization
  4. School-readiness
  5. Mutually respectful collaboration skills
  6. Sense of community (reduction of sense of isolation and separation)
  7. Ability to spontaneously transfer scripted responses (from other SEL programs) into genuine responses in real-life situations - both in and out of the class environment.
  8. Growth of practical judgment
  9. Development of critical thinking skills
  10. Increasing sense of personal accountability and responsibility
  11. Genuine acknowledgment of others' rights.
  12. ​Expanded awareness of the world-at-large

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