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Social Emotional Learning - Early Childhood Education

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Kids' Own Wisdom is a ready-to-use, beautifully designed set of large format, double sided, color illustrations that show contrasting images of a wide variety of familiar, yet appropriately challenging situations.

No lectures are involved.  Instead, peer group discussions based on relevant, yet not-so-predictable lists of open-ended questions engage students interest, sharpen their attention and expand their awareness about other people and the world around them. 

Respected research and brain science confirm that humans are 'hard-wired' at birth to empathize. What we also know from brain science is that innate     'hard-wiring' must be activated and exercised in meaningful and genuinely respectful ...

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LIFE SKILLS CURRICULUM for preschool, TK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Reduces behavior problems (bullying, selfish tendencies, inconsideration). Increases self-motivated behavior improvements (empathy, fairness, responsibility).




Because  even though lectures, memorized responses, games, puppets, songs and 'time-outs' have their place in educating kids to make the kinds of choices that will improve their lives ... a different approach is required for true 'ownership' of the social skills they need. 

Because  kids are smart. They know and understand much more than they sometimes act like they know, and getting them to "own & live" what they know is relatively simple when they receive consistent opportunities to share their understanding and express what they know - in their own words.

Because  the world needs responsible, self-motivated, creative and collaborative problem solvers.

Because  long-term success requires that people ...